Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Quickly one Forgets Libya's Instrumentality in the AU!!

PANAF NewsAlerts 008

Editor’s Note

The 14th Summit draw much World attention, thanks in particular to Maummar al-Ghaddafi. His rebuke of the African Union should also command your awareness. While we’re at it, let’s also thank him for spearheading the creation of the AU itself. How quickly we forget Sirte, indeed his birthplace. The Sirte Declaration paved the way for the AU to be realized, and something of substance, far removed from the talk shop days of the OAU. You could actually see milk teeth appearing in new inter-governmental organization save for the usual Heads of State directing the affairs of the continent according to their own interests. Yet these gradualists, as they are called, worked diligently this past year to sideline political unity for Africa. Red Card! We all know why the AU was created, and we all know the urgency of our complete unification. To make progress at every step of the way is imperative to our survival as a people on Earth. One people, Africa! So, as we see very poignantly in Haiti, to delay aid means one’s life. We should be rushing to unify, to come to each other’s aid, especially during crisis. And so, the gradualists tighten our noose, ridiculing the creation of a continental federation of African states. How can we protect our dream? In this PANAF News Alert, I offer you an article from Speaker of the Gambian Assembly, the Honorable Elizabeth Renner, who reminds us that leaders, especially our Heads of State in Africa, are not the catalysts for change. She pleads to the masses to entrench and intertwine their lives within Pan African action. Ditto that message for the African Diaspora. In anycase, I think you’ll enjoy hearing positive developments from the Nigerian Community in Gambia. Elsewhere, I point you to

Did you know that Guinea, Madagascar, and Eritrea were recently booted from the AU? The former two were suspended due to “coups”. The latter due to an accusation that the state was sponsoring Somali militants. A quick biased judgment was made on Guinea that led to. And it is clear that the change of power was urgently necessary in Madagascar for the sake of the people and environment. Eritrea, well, let’s ask, who doesn’t have a hand in Somali affairs? If the AU will be partial to certain interests when it comes to membership within its structure then we have certainly a compromised institution. The AU can not condone political coersion and violent control on one hand, and punish a popular revolution on the other. Perhaps it was good gesture for Mr.DJ to boycott the 14th Summit. Lastly, an update on the repatriation of Haitians to Africa, and for those excited about the new direction of the AU, I’ve included an AU press release on its slick new flag and an article about the integration of NEPAD into the AU Structure.

Nkosi Sekele Afrika!



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