Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Handguide to the AU Launched on 27 January!

On 27th January a 70-page Hand Guide written both in English and French entitled ‘’Strengthening Popular Participation in the African Union: A Guide to AU Structures and Processes’’ will be launched here in Addis at the Hilton Hotel. It is a practical tool aiming to assist citizens and organizations to engage with African Union policies and programmes.

It describes the AU decision-making process and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the AU institutions. It also contains a sampling of the experiences of several non-governmental organizations that have interacted with the African Union in the past.

The main purpose of the publishers of this Hand Guide, Oxfam and Afrimap, is to support the African Union’s commitment to a vision of an Africa that is ‘‘integrated, prosperous, peaceful and driven by its own citizens’’.

addisababa@oxfaminternational.org or programmes@ccpau.org


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