Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Travelling Through the AU States--Headache City!

I am a Ghanaian--and a proud ECOWASian. Given that I was born in Ghana, I am free to travel through West Africa without a visa.

Literally, I could get up tomorrow, go to AIR SENEGAL, go and pay and visit the country for a day. Provided I have the money, ofcourse! No visas would be expected of me.

The same cannot be said about travelling through the rest of the AU; most often countries outside West Africa make it a HUGE hassle to procure a visa. Don't even mention South Africa or East Africa if you're a West African! They'll make your life like hell as if you're not African!

It certainly is not an easy task, but all of us have to do our best to discuss this very important issue. Why should otHer parts of Africa complicate my desire to visit their country with a small document they call a visa?

What are YOUR experiences? Would love to hear them!


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