Monday, July 18, 2011

I have been on Google Plus for the past week...

I have been on Google Plus for the past week or so, and am loving it. Though it has been a while since I posted something in the AU citizen blog, you can rest assured that Google Plus is certainly and definitely helping me bring you the best possible entries.

I am currently reading the AU's Minimum Integration Programme(2009), alongside many critical information by the UN's Economic Commission for Africa.

I have yet to find as many valuable pieces by the African Development Bank(AfDb). I am also compiling information for a G+ account on "African Integration", which one can access by clicking this link:

See you there!
African Integration Watch - Google+
African Integration Watch - Sources on emerging African Integration efforts by African Union / UNECA / AfDB - - - Just a passionate West African political scientist working in the non-profit sector,...
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