Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Eastgate Hotel in Accra, Ghana Has no ECOWAS or AU Flag--Where's the Business Sense??

The celebration of AU day has both encouraged and mobilised me to action, so I finally decided to do something taking a walk across the street from work to the hotel there. Now I have covered Eastgate Hotel in my Accra blog before--you can read it here -- so it is not like I am castigating the hotel without reason. Overall, it's an interesting hotel, though I have never lodged there.

On the specific case of the flags, I asked at the receptionist, who in turn called the manager. Within minutes, he was there to talk to me. Doubtless perplexed by my question as to what informs the kind of flags that the hotel hoists, he still tried to proffer an answer.

His explanation--in sum--was that they hoist flags of "constituencies"[my words] that are likely to visit the hotel. So the EU, US, Ghanaian, Canadian flags they fly suggest that clientele from those countries are free (and likely) to visit the hotel.

I cannot help but wonder whether it would not make good business sense--even--to hoist both an AU and ECOWAS flag--given that the latter hosts many conferences at hotels round the capital?

Beyond the fact that it is serious food for thought, I think there's merit in sending a questionnaire, perhaps arranging for an interview(maybe even an email one) as to why the state of non-flying AU and ECOWAS flags is the case.

If you're interested in this endeavour, join me as I continue to assemble a bunch of African heroes online and offline who are selfless and dedicated to seeing a united Africa -- the soonest time possible. We are the Q9 Brigade...uniting Africa ONE communication at a time.

Email me on, and or join the google groups here:!forum/q9-brigade-africa-unite


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