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The 15th Ordinary Summit of the African Union was held in Kampala, Uganda under the theme "Maternal, Infant and Child Health and Development in Africa".  Beside that issue, this summit happened in the mid-way of the AU's Year for Peace and Security launched during the January 2010 Summit in Addis Ababa.  The Peace and Security Council of the AU (PSC) met during the Summit in Kampala and renewed UNAMID's mandate for another 12 months. The Summit adopted a presidential declaration on Maternal, Infant and Child Health and agreed on   an African Common Position on MDGs.


The twin bomb attacks in Kampala a few days before the summit reopened the debate on the situation in Somalia.


53 African States delegations including more than 30 Heads of State, various non-African countries representatives, and Non Governmental organizations from all over the world attended the Summits covered by more than 500 journalists. The Mexican President, The President of the Palestinian Authority, The Prime Minister of St Vincent and Grenadines were among the special invited Guests of the Summit.



A- Highlight of Summit Decisions

Maternal New Born and Child Rights in Africa (MNCH)

The Summit adopted a declaration titled "Actions on Maternal, New Born and Child Health and Development in Africa by 2015" including the following commitments:

-    Reaffirmation of previous commitments aimed at acceleration of the health of African people and social development

-    Acceleration of efforts to improve the state of health of Africa's women and children and thereby to attain all Millennium Goals particularly MDGs 4, 5, and 6 by 2015

-    Launch of CARMMA (Campaign on Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality) in countries and broaden it as an advocacy strategy for the promotion of MNCH in the continent and institutionalize an annual CARMMA week

-    Strengthen primary health care, reposition family planning including reproduction health, mitigate human resource crisis in the health sector

-    Sustainable financing by enhancing domestic resources mobilization including 15% Abuja target

-    Call on the Global Fund for Fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB to create new window to fund MNCH

-    Institute a functional monitoring and evaluation framework at country level to track performance

-    Annually report to the AU Assembly on progress.


5-year review of the Abuja call for accelerated actions towards Universal access to HIV/AID, tuberculosis and malaria services in Africa

The Summit:

-    Decided to extend the Abuja call to 2015 to coincide with MDGs

-    Requested the AU Commission in collaboration with other organs to revise the reporting framework and disseminate it to members States and to monitor and conduct an evaluation of the Abuja call implementation in 2013 and 2015


Abuse of the principle of universal jurisdiction and ICC

The Summit

-    Requested the AU Commission to finalize the study on the implications of empowering the African Court on Human and People's Rights try international crimes and report to the Assembly by January 2011

-    Underscored the need for African States to speak with one voice to ensure that the interest of Africa are safeguarded during the forthcoming negotiations on the principle of universal jurisdiction at UN level

-    Reiterated its commitment to fight impunity

-    Reiterated its call to the UNSC to defer President Bashir case for 1 year

-    Reiterated its decision that AU member States shall not cooperate with the ICC in the arrest and surrender of President El-Bashir of Sudan

-    Requested AU Members States to balance, where applicable, their obligation to the AU with their obligation to the ICC

-    Urged Member States to speak with one voice in the AU call that the UN General Assembly should take over the power of the UNSC to defer ICC cases in case the UNSC failed to take a decision within a timeframe

-    Decided to reject for now, the request of the ICC to open a Liaison office to the AU in Addis Ababa.

-    Expressed concern over the conduct of ICC prosecutor over President Bashir  and other cases in Africa


Peace and Security in Africa


The Summit:

-    Reaffirmed full support to the Transitional Federal Government (TFG)

-    Condemned all Al Shabab attacks and terrorist acts

-    Encouraged TFG to work towards national reconciliation and unity among Somalis

-    Recognised the imperatives of political engagement in Somalia and requested the Chairperson of the AU Commission to appoint a high level personality to galvanize international support and attention for Somalia and the engagement of the population in governance process in order to enhance the legitimacy of the TFG

-    Called on the transformation of AMISOM into an UN peace keeping mission

-    Committed to immediately add more troops to AMISOM  (8,000 and more)


Sudan (south):

The Summit

-    Stressed the critical importance of the partnership between the NCP and the SPLM and urged them to expeditiously address the outstanding issues in the CPA implementation particurlaly the resolution of the issues of Abyei, the modalities for the organization of the popular consultation in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states and the completion of the demarcation of the North-South border.

-    Pledged full support to the sudanees parties and its commitment to respect the outcome of the referendum.


Sudan (Darfur):

The Summit:

-    Expressed concerns at the recent degradation of the security situation in Darfur and called all parties to demonstrate restraint

-    Encourage parties to the Doha process to intensify effort towards achieving progress

-    Expressed full support to early convening in Darfur of the Darfur-Darfur Conference as envisaged by the AU High-Levem Implementation Panel on Sudan (AUHIP)

-    Welcome AUHIP work in support to the implementation of the CPA, the negotiations of post referendum issues etc.

-    Stressed the importance of an effective coordination at international level and on the ground in support to sudaness parties

-    Welcome the establishment of the Sudan Consultative Forum co-chaired by the AU and the UN


The Peace and Security Council:

-    Extended, for a further period of 12 months, the mandate of UNAMID as defined by UN Security Council resolution 1769 (2007) of 31 July 2007, and requested the Security Council to do the same;

-    Expressed concern at the consequences of the warrant of arrest against President AlBashir on charges of genocide and urged the United Nations Security Council to assume its responsibilities and heed the call for the deferral of the process initiated

-    Noted with satisfaction the progress made in the deployment of UNAMID military, police and civilian components, which have now reached 88%, 70%, and 75%, respectively, of the authorized strength.

-    Welcomed the agreed outcome of the last meeting of the Tripartite Mechanism, which took place in Addis Ababa, on 10 May 2010, particularly the conclusion relating to the need to articulate UNAMID activities towards a cost efficient employment of its assets and capabilities, including in support of postconflict reconstruction and development activities.

-    called on the Government of Sudan to continue to extend the necessary cooperation to enable the mission effectively carry out its mandate, including by taking the steps required to facilitate the use of UNAMID aerial assets, such as the Tactical Helicopter Units based in Nyala.

Reiterated its call on all the countries having the necessary capabilities to provide UNAMID with the required military enablers, to enhance the capacity of the Mission;



Year for peace and Security in Africa – 2010 (YoPS)

The Summit:

-    Urged Members States to fully take ownership of the YoPS by signing and ratifying all relevant AU instruments including the Charter on Democracy, Elections and Good Governance.

-    Welcomed initiatives undertaken by African CSOs in response to the AU's call for parternership on the YoPS activities and encourage businesses to contribute in the initiative.

-    Endorsed the initiative of the Peace Day – 21 September 2010 as a way to provide a single rallying point for the continent to show that peace is possible through the following activities: Cessation of hostilities in all conflicts areas, distribution of humanitarian aids, 1 minute of silence for peace at 10 GMT, "Make Peace Happen" lesson to be taught in all school etc.

-    Called on all non-state actor partners including CSOs to contribute to the Peace Day.

-    Expressed gratitude to GTZ, Oxfam, UNICEF, UNIFEM and UNHCR for their contribution and support to the YoPS activities


Panel of the Wise's new appointed members:

-    President Kenneth Kaunda (Southern Africa

-    Mrs Marie Madelaine Kalala-Ngoy (Central Africa)

-    Mrs. Chnery Hesse (West Africa)

-    President Ahmed Ben Bella (North Africa) – Re-appointed

-    Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim (East Africa) – Re-appointed


Other decisions taken by the Summit

-    Establishment of a pan African University

-    Establishment of the African Petrolem Fund

-    Climate change negotiations

-    Implementation of previous AU Decisions

-    African Diaspora Summit

-    Reform of the UN Security Council

-    Prevention and combating terrorism

-    Alternative sources of financing

-    AU Staff regulation and rules adopted

-    3rd Africa-Europeen Union Summit

-    Adoption of the African maritime Transport Charter

-    Preparation of the 2nd Afro-Arab Summit

-    July 2011 summit theme to be on Youth empowerment for sustainable development

-    Gabon to host the July 2014 Summit

-    January 2011 Summit (16th ordinary Summit) to be held from 24th to 31 January 2011 in Addis Ababa

-    Election and appointment for the African Human Rights Commission, African Committee of Experts on the Rights of the Child, Judges of the African Court on Human and people Rights

-    NEPAD Committee of Heads of State





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